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Get innovative products, achieve maximum customer satisfaction, optimize production processes. For Cruing to think over today, means winning new goals tomorrow.

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The Industry Standard for Nesting, Routing & Milling

Safety and efficiency tested and certified by leading European Institutes and Universities.

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The best drilling solution

The highest technical skills and knowledge thanks to the constant collaboration with the principle players in the Aerospace, Formula One and Composites industries.

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Innovative solutions for winning results

Qualified by the Aerospace and Composites Industries.

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High productivity, high quality finish

High productivity and no damaged parts. The result: a well-made and cost efficient final product/p>

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Tool Management

Cruing’s Tool Management software is a complete customer information database. It allows production, tool room and purchasing managers to monitor their current assortment of tools; organize the replacement of perished tools, and optimise their tooling budgets. Information is conveniently available 24 hours a day.

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