The Aerotech Series

The Aerotech Series guarantees a high level of safety and reliability, improves the working environment thanks to the reduction of dust, and it doesn’t require any additional energy consumption.

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Aerotech is the Industry Standard for Dust Free Machining.

The only dust evacuation device approved and recommended by the main OEMs in the Woodworking and Composites industries.

The Industry Standard for Dust Free Nesting, Routing & Milling

Aerotech has been safety and efficiency tested and certified by leading European Universities and Institutes.

Dust Free

Aerotech sucks in air at the point of cut, removing the dust produced during Nesting & Routing operations. The Faceplate grill blocks debris and off-cuts.

Air cooled dry cutting

By effectively air cooling the material and cutter, Aerotech® significantly reduces machining temperatures, allowing the dry cutting of composite parts and providing an alternative to machining with coolants.

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