NEWS / 10.05.2017

Aerotech System product of the year

Cruing Italy has won its 4th International Award for the Aerotech® System.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Experience Composites in Augsburg (Germany) on September, 22. The Aerotech® System was once again recognized as the most innovative product of the year in the category of “Aeronautics & Aerospace”. Alongside Cruing were Mercedes-AMG GmbH, winning in the category of “Automotive & Transport”.

This award underlines the value and benefits that the Aerotech® System provides manufacturers cutting composite materials such as CFRP. Already used by Aerospace companies around the world, the Aerotech® System is a revolutionary tooling solution that thoroughly evacuates hot dust particles produced during cutting operations.

By effectively air cooling the material and cutter, it significantly reduces machining temperatures. This allows manufacturers of composite parts to consider dry cutting their components, providing a practical alternative to machining with coolants.