NEWS / 26.03.2019

Custom PCD tools for Automotive and Aerospace

Due to the combination of innovative technology, extensive pool of experience in PCD cutting tools and absolute precision during manufacture, CRUING cutting tools for the Automotive and Aerospace sectors are high-performance machining solutions without compromises.

Custom solutions with PCD cutting edges are the first choice to machine large quantities of aluminium and lightweight alloy parts reliably and cost-effectively. And with comprehensive expertise in engineering and project management, our Engineering team enables us to meet your needs, regardless of size or scope, in the shortest delivery time possible.

These specific custom Z2+2 bell tools and Z4/2+2 reamers, with a manufacturing tolerance of 5μm on the tool diameter, specifically designed and manufactured for an Automotive customer, have been delivered in 6 weeks from the customer’s order.

And for those customers with very strict machining parameters, we can even manufacture PCD solutions with tolerances from 2μm.