NEWS / 09.02.2022

How to use PCD Cutting tools?

We’ve discussed for long time about the advantages of PCD cutting tools when working on composites or other materials. But how do we obtain the perfect cut with these tools? How to use PCD to achieve perfect efficiency and accuracy, especially working with light materials? Let’s discover it together with our experts.

Last year we discussed several times about PCD cutting tools, the way of use and their advantages: they allow speeds of cutting and high finishing. Therefore, we spend a lot of time researching new PCD tools and creating bespoken solutions with our clients.

PCD is extremely hard thanks to one of the hardest materials on Earth: diamond. Despite this hardness, there are some specific ways to use PCD correctly:

  1. Storage. PCD cutting tools must be used carefully and kept in a special container where it’s not pressed to a hard surface. Special tip: keep each tool in a different container to avoid cracks.
  2. Hard Surface. PCD needs some “kindness” so if you need to change the tools in the machine – for example – we recommend putting it on a soft surface or into the container.
  3. Cleaning. If you need to clean the tool or remove dirt on it, we advise to choose a soft or wet cloth.

These are just three tips that you should follow using PCD cutting tools, especially if you want to extend the tool life.

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