NEWS / 16.06.2023

V-Iper and Carbon-tech: the main differences.

V-Iper and Carbontech, what are the main differences between our new blades for composite? Discover it on our new article

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NEWS / 23.05.2023

Something more about… Cruing PCD Cutting tools

One of the most important tools in all our range is PCD cutting tools or polycrystalline diamond ‘tools’. They are the hardest and the most abrasion resistant materials used in machining today. But what about Cruing PCD Cutting tools range? We work with PCD for over 50 years, and we developed a wide range of […]

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NEWS / 18.04.2023

Something more about… Cruing Aerodrill

Cruing AeroDrill series offers unique designs for PCD straight and twist drills, countersinks and one-shot drill and countersink. Many leading producers of CFRP parts for Aerospace industry have already qualified Cruing drills and are benefitting from the performances of one of the most cost-effective drills available today. But what are the real advantages and strengths […]

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NEWS / 23.02.2023

3 of the best countersink tools for your operations

As we all know, a countersink is a special tool that produces a conical hole matching the angle of the tool you have to ‘insert’. So, the operation must be neat, clean and solid. The Advantages PCD Countersinks provide a lot of benefits, especially when you require precision and surface finish: First, it allows the […]

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NEWS / 27.01.2023

How to maintain your drilling tools? Let’s discover it together with our experts.

Tools are the core of all machining activities: your drilling tools should enable you to work to the best of your capabilities. For this reason, the maintenance of drilling tools is one of the most important tasks for your company. But how could you maintain your tools “at the best of their quality”? Let’s discover […]

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NEWS / 27.10.2022

Reducing Energy consumption during machining

Global warming, the raising cost for energy, raw material shortage, these are some of the most important challenges the world is facing today. Reducing energy consumption is critical, especially during machining. But how could you make this happen? How could you really reduce the amount of energy you’ll require for your machine tools? Let’s discover […]

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NEWS / 12.09.2022

The 3 major challenges of the future for tooling and machining

The future of tooling and machining seems to be really challenging: we’re facing numerous changes in this modern age and the market needs to be always up-to-date to create innovative solutions.But what are the future challenges that we need to be aware of? What factor we need to consider when we produce a new tool […]

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NEWS / 25.07.2022

How to improve safety on your work?

Working with cutting tools and machines could be tricky and unsafe if you don’t take thenecessary precautions to avoid risks and preserve your wellness.Here in Cruing we’ve done a lot of research to increase the safety of our clients, so here are someof our tips for a better working life: Reduce the amount of dust […]

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NEWS / 30.06.2022

3 solutions to win the aerospace challenges

Demanding, hyper-technological, with complicated and evolving production. It’s the aerospace industry that requires new solutions and innovative tools. So, if you are an aerospace engineer or work in the aerospace industry, here, you’ll find our 3 best tools to win every daily challenge: With an eye on finishing. Aerospace production need an extreme attention for […]

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NEWS / 03.05.2022

3 Tips for a perfect milling process.

Milling is evolved and it’s becoming a solid alternative for producing holes, cavities or working surfaces. There are different types of milling operations, but what are the best practices? What is the best way of milling? Here are three tips by our experts: Avoid vibrations. One of the worst troubles with milling is vibration that […]

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NEWS / 18.03.2022

3 Tips to drill a perfect hole.

Drilling seems to be quite a simple operation but, in many cases, it could lead to complex and significant consequences if the “hole” is not right or the tool is not used in the right way. So, here’s our 3 tips to drill a perfect hole and avoid malfunction on the machine: Take your Time. […]

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NEWS / 09.02.2022

How to use PCD Cutting tools?

How we develop new tools? What is the process that lead us to innovation? In this article, we’ll let you explore our research and development department to understand our true value.

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NEWS / 11.01.2022

Research and Quality: two words for tool innovation.

How we develop new tools? What is the process that lead us to innovation? In this article, we’ll let you explore our research and development department to understand our true value.

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NEWS / 25.11.2021

How to obtain the best from PCD cutting tools?

The PCD cutting tools are perfect for working with light materials or abrasive ones. This kind of materials need precision and high cutting quality: two of the main advantages of PCD! Let’s see together how to get the best from these tools. PCD stands for Polycrystalline Diamond and is an exceptionally resistant material. Here, unsystematically […]

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NEWS / 08.10.2021

How to choose: PCD vs Solid Carbide

Let’s talk about PCD vs Solid Carbide. As usual, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each tool depending on the material we are working on.

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NEWS / 16.09.2021

Solid Carbide Body vs Heavy Metal Body

Carbide or heavy metal body, this is the question. What are the best tools for your works and how could you choose the perfect tools? With a little help from our expert. Of course, there’s no quick answer and you must consider a lot of factors: tool size, depth of cutting, required material removal rate, […]

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NEWS / 22.07.2021

5 advantages of working with PCD Cutting Tools

Longer tool life, higher cutting speed and no delamination. These are just three of the main advantages of working with diamond tools, including synthetic diamonds like PCD. Diamond is your best friends when you are working with hard materials like composite: it is hard and resistant to abrasion. But, what are the advantages of working […]

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NEWS / 31.05.2021

3 Useful tips for working carbon fiber reducing waste.

Carbon fiber is one of the most widely used and best known composite materials currently in use. It is used in the aerospace, automotive and even naval sectors. This material guarantees greater flexibility and strength but, at the same time, can lead to waste mainly due to delamination, wear and fiber smearing. For this reason […]

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NEWS / 29.04.2021

Aerotech: Reduce offcuts and temperatures in machining operations.

The industrial processing of composites and fibres is a precise activity that always requires the use refined machinery and increasingly advanced control measures. Large quantities of dust and residues are produced during the milling and cutting of composites and fibres and at the same time very high temperatures are reached. This can be a problem […]

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NEWS / 12.01.2021

Cruing: the evolution of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is considered the fourth production revolution, which, by exploiting artificial intelligence, it improves efficiency and quality, through the discovery of the weaknesses present within production. In the roles of manufacturing company and supplier of innovative and technological solutions, Cruing holds an advantageous position in industry 4.0. This continuous approach with new technologies guarantees […]

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NEWS / 16.10.2020

Sustainability matters: our commitment for the planet.

Global warming is a problem which has gained more and more consideration all over the world in the last few years, although it has been an overlooked problem for a long time. Cruing is engaged in the protection of the planet through many actions respecting the environment. Cruing is concerned about its impact on the […]

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NEWS / 24.09.2020

Quality control, a matter of style!

Cruing values every step of the production line, especially the quality control phase. The QC department ensures that every single Cruing cutting tool meets the originally designed technical specifications, according to the ISO 9001 quality standards. Our quality control booth is located in the centre of our facility and stores the highest precision inspecting and […]

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NEWS / 14.10.2019

Advanced Engineering 2019 – Birmingham

The UK’s largest annual gathering of manufacturing OEMs & supply chain professionals  Supported by @Composites UK, Advanced Engineering is one of the world’s most important composite processing events, and certainly the largest in the UK. Covering manufacturing, R&D, materials and new technologies, Advanced Engineering presents the ultimate opportunity for the Aerospace industry to gather and […]

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NEWS / 08.07.2019

Our technological innovation never stops

Cruing Group has been awarded an important contract for the supply of a special PCD tool for the machining of an aircraft component made of composite materials. Beyond these panels, today we have started the production of one of our most innovative and performing cutting tool, specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the tight […]

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NEWS / 02.05.2019

PCD Countersinks

One of our most popular and top selling products is PCD Countersink. Diamond Countersinks are used in airframe assembly lines, both in hand and CNC operations, for creating the chamfer around the pre-drilled hole, in airplane parts where riveting connection is utilized. Diamond Countersinks are the best solutions for countersinking and chamfering composite and abrasive […]

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NEWS / 03.04.2019

CIMT 2019 – Beijing

China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), held on April 15-20, 2019 in Beijing, is one of the big-four international machine tools exhibition in the world, together with EMO (Hannover), IMTS (Chicago) and JIMTOF (Tokyo). It has become an important place for technology exchange and trade of international advanced manufacturing, a platform for the latest achievements in […]

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NEWS / 26.03.2019

Custom PCD tools for Automotive and Aerospace

Due to the combination of innovative technology, extensive pool of experience in PCD cutting tools and absolute precision during manufacture, CRUING cutting tools for the Automotive and Aerospace sectors are high-performance machining solutions without compromises. Custom solutions with PCD cutting edges are the first choice to machine large quantities of aluminium and lightweight alloy parts […]

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NEWS / 18.02.2019


From 28 to 30 March returns MECSPE, the greatest Italian fair trade focused on innovations for the manufacturing industry, this year with a special attention to Industry 4.0 Now to its 18th edition, this event has become the reference fair for the innovation technologies and gives a global vision of the manufacturing industry, through a all-round […]

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NEWS / 10.10.2018


The UK’s largest annual gathering of manufacturing OEMs & supply chain professionals    Celebrating its 10th edition this year, Advanced Engineering continues to build even further upon its position as an annual gathering of OEMs and engineering supply chain professionals. Take the opportunity to discover the latest technologies in Aero Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Composites Engineering. Take the […]

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NEWS / 23.07.2018


Cruing are the pioneers and leaders in Air Cooled Dry Cutting & Dust Free machining. The Aerotech® System, winner of four international awards for innovation and technology, is a revolutionary tooling solution that thoroughly evacuates hot dust particles produced during cutting operations. Furthermore, by effectively air cooling the material and cutter, it significantly reduces machining […]

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NEWS / 28.06.2018

CIMES 2018 in Beijing

The China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES) is the third largest international machine tool & tools exhibition after EMO in Germany and IMTS in Chicago. On June 26th-30th in Beijing, CIMES 2018 brings machine and tool manufacturers and distributors from China and all over the world together. Come at booth W4-D206 to discover […]

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NEWS / 17.04.2018

BIAM – International Machine Tool and Tools Fair

BIAM 2018 is the 24th International Exhibition of Tools and Machines, that will be held in Zagreb (Croatia) from 24 to 27 April. Our Croatian partner NITEH d.o.o. will present our cutting solutions for metalworking at Hall 8A – Booth 15

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NEWS / 16.03.2018

MECSPE fair for Metalworking Industry

MECSPE is the Italian reference fair for the manufacturing industry. From 22 to 24 March, in collaboration with Novatea, our partner for the Italian market, we will exhibit our cutting solutions for Composite and Metalworking. A comprehensive range of PCD and carbide drills, end mills , reamers and countersinks for aluminium, titanium, lightweight metals, steels […]

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NEWS / 02.03.2018

Shanghai CCMT 2018 (China CNC Machine Tool)

The China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT) is one of the most important international exhibitions in China for the Metalworking sector. This is an essential opportunity to present Cruing’s high-quality PCD and carbide cutting tools to all the manufacturers within the Greater Shanghai Area. In collaboration with Dalian Yimule Inter. Trade Ltd., our partner for […]

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NEWS / 09.11.2017

MetalMadrid 2017

MetalMadrid is the annual trade fair in the central region of Spain for the Composites and Metalworking industries. From 15 to 16 November, in collaboration with our Distributor “MAQUINARIA INTERNATIONAL“, we will exhibit our cutting solutions at Pavilon 4 – Stand D25. We will show you our custom-made PCD and carbide drills, mills and reamers […]

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NEWS / 25.10.2017


Inside Biesse is the annual open doors organized by Biesse in Pesaro to demonstrate the advantages that its technologies provide to those who work with wood and plastic. From 19 to 21 October Biesse has opened the doors of its Campus to clients for testing and observing first-hand machinery, automated systems and cutting solutions capable of […]

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NEWS / 18.10.2017


Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest showcase on the latest advances in engineering, the place-to-be for engineering professionals from the Aerospace, Composites, Automotive and Metals sectors. The UK leads the world in advanced manufacturing and innovation, with the world’s 2nd largest aerospace sector, with world class R&D centres and universities, hosting to seven of the […]

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NEWS / 27.09.2017

Cruing at AIRTEC 2017 – Munich

The Global Aerospace Supply Chain in one place. AIRTEC shows the entire aerospace supply chain from design, engineering, tools, components, avionics up to lifecycle support in one exhibition place. The exhibition presents in a focused way new technologies, innovations and trends and provides a comprehensive overview about the aerospace supply industry. It offers exhibitors and visitors […]

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A successfull EMO 2017 for Cruing Group

The 2017 edition of EMO Hannover is finished. Thank you to all our guests, friends and clients for visiting us and for making it an exciting and successfull show. And we hope you have found our products of interest too. Now ballots are closed, keep on following us to discover the winner. The Cruing Team

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NEWS / 27.06.2017

A new drill concept at EMO 2017

This coming September the town of Hannover (Germany) will once again stage the most important international trade fair in the metalworking calendar – the EMO 2017. Companies from around the world will present the latest technologies and innovations in machinery, cutting tools, production systems, automation and Industry 4.0 solutions. The Cruing Group will also be […]

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NEWS / 06.06.2017

Cruing Group at AWFS Fair in Las Vegas

If Woodworking is your business, then your business is at AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, North America’s Largest Woodworking Show. You can find our woodworking cutting solutions and our Aerotech System for a “Dust Free Nesting & Routing” at booth 9600. See you in Vegas!      

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NEWS / 10.05.2017

Aerotech System product of the year

Cruing Italy has won its 4th International Award for the Aerotech® System. The awards ceremony was hosted by Experience Composites in Augsburg (Germany) on September, 22. The Aerotech® System was once again recognized as the most innovative product of the year in the category of “Aeronautics & Aerospace”. Alongside Cruing were Mercedes-AMG GmbH, winning in the […]

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NEWS / 21.04.2017

Cruing at Ligna 2017

Cruing Group will exhibit its latest woodworking cutting solutions at Ligna next May, 22-26 (Hall 15 – Stand G69/1). We will show how we can assist you in manufacturing quickly, efficiently and economically, becoming part of your Industry 4.0 production process. Dust created during Nesting process reduces productivity, increasing costs for machine downtime, maintenance and change […]

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