NEWS / 11.01.2022

Research and Quality: two words for tool innovation.

How do we develop new tools? What is the process that lead us to innovation? In this article, we’ll let you explore our research and development department to understand our true value.

When developing a new cutting tool, we have a lot of things to consider:

  • The market and new trends, because we have to be always up to date;
  • The need of our clients, especially when we’re working on a bespoken tool. We have to perfectly study the materials, we have to know about the predicted results and also we have to be aware about the “cons” of our old tools;
  • The environment. Not just the working environment, but today we must consider the impact of our production on the planet.

How do we combine all this to create the best possible tools? Our keywords are continuous research and search for maximum quality.

Research is a cornerstone of our company. Our research and development team is well prepared and always updated thanks to a constant education.

They start with the selection of materials: we work on different angles and materials to prepare our clients to the future challenges.

After the materials, the R&D department will study the problems: here, they take great deal of the needs of the client and words of our constructor or importers. It’s fundamental reduce the waste of materials and create something of great quality.

The last step is the support: we continue to be next to you in every step, especially when you’re about to make a huge machine investment.

Our research allows us to define new standard and create certified tools.

Research and Quality. Innovation and Quality. The perfect duo for all your Cruing tools. Discover more on our website or ask to our experts for more information.