Aerotech is the Industry Standard for Dust Free Machining.

The only dust evacuation device approved and recommended by the main OEMs in the Woodworking and Composites industries.

The Industry Standard for Dust Free Nesting, Routing & Milling

Aerotech has been safety and efficiency tested and certified by leading European Universities and Institutes.

Dust Free

Aerotech sucks in air at the point of cut, removing the dust produced during Nesting & Routing operations. The Faceplate grill blocks debris and off-cuts.

Air Cooled

The air-flow created by the Aerotech significantly reduces the material and cutter temperatures, allowing the dry cutting without coolants, harmful to health and environment.

Safety & Health

Aerotech has improved the workplace of thousands of machine operators around the world, removing dust particles, cause of the main lung diseases.

Energy Saving

The high velocity air-flow created by the turbine doesn't need any additional energy consumption because it uses the rotational motion of the machine's electro-spindle

Productivity Improvement

8.4 tons more dust removed in 1 year compared to the standard tools

Choose your Aerotech

We have developed 4 versions of the Aerotech to respond to the specific needs of each manufacturer and industry.

Aerotech System E

High performance High production HSK clamping

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Aerotech Hydro

High productivity Hydraulic clamping

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Aerotech Uni T

Regular production Mechanical clamping  

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Aerotech Composites

For Air Cooled Dry Cutting of Composites and CFRP

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