Standard and Custom-made Woodworking tools

For more than 50 years Cruing has been known for its innovation in tool technology and the high quality of the standard and custom-made solutions for each woodworking process

Leader in Nesting and Routing

Cruing is one of the most important manufacturers in the Woodworking industry. Well recognized for the high quality of its products, offers a complete range of standard and custom-made cutting tools.

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Seamless edgebanding

The specific geometry of the DFAdynamic cutter reduces cutting pressure and noise. Its high shear angle grants a perfect edgebanding, for parts with a seamless edge.

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Long tool-life

High wear resistance gives the blade a longer life than any standard.

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High quality drilling, holes without splinters and burrs

The rigidity and the excellent cutting edge geometry of DCG series bits allow to increase the boring cycles with no more bevelled or untrue holes.

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High productivity, high quality finish

High productivity and no damaged parts. The result: a well-made and cost efficient final product.

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Choose your solution for Woodworking

Standard and custom-made solutions for each woodworking process

Nesting & Routing

Z1 - Z3 PCD and Solid Carbide Cutters

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PCD Jointing Cutters

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Scoring & Sizing

PCD Scoring and Sizing Saw Blades

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PCD Cylinder Boring Bits

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PCD Hoggers for squaring edge banding and panel sizing

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