NEWS / 16.06.2023

V-Iper and Carbon-tech: the main differences.

In the past months we have lauched the brand-new section “Saw Blades”, a diamond blades for any use, from furniture manufacturing to the construction sector.

A work of art thanks to the continuous research of new production technologies.

In this new product range, we developed two different kind of blade: the V-iper series and Carbon-Tech series.

But what are the main differences between our new blades for composite? Let’s discover it:

  • The V-Iper series offers a range dedicated to cutting multiple materials, specifically designed to obtain excellent results in terms of finishing. The WR geometry of the teeth, produced by Cruing since 1996, allows a better sliding of the material during cutting operations, significantly reducing noise;
  • The Carbon-Tech series is dedicated for industrial use. It is available in two different tooth version: TR / TR / AB and TR / TR. The TR / TR / AB tooth is particularly suitable for higher cutting speed maintaining a great quality finish. On the other hand, the TR / TR tooth is more recommended for general processing.

Do you want to know more about our Saw Blade Range? Discover it on our new catalogue or write us to