NEWS / 12.01.2021

Cruing: the evolution of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is considered the fourth production revolution, which, by exploiting artificial intelligence, it improves efficiency and quality, through the discovery of the weaknesses present within production.

In the roles of manufacturing company and supplier of innovative and technological solutions, Cruing holds an advantageous position in industry 4.0.

This continuous approach with new technologies guarantees considerable development in its production process, thanks to the reporting of problems and the reduction of waste, including energy.

Cruing’s usage of Predictive Analytics, a system capable of processing a huge amount of data from production plant, allow the company to implement an efficient production system, continuously improving the quality of our products.

At the same, finally, the data allow us to obtain competitive advantages, no longer based on statical data of the past, but based on preventive actions.

Precisely for this reason, Cruing has been committed for years in supporting the development of new technologies, thus maintaining a high standard of innovation and evolution.