NEWS / 16.09.2021

Solid Carbide Body vs Heavy Metal Body

Carbide or heavy metal body, this is the question.

What are the best tools for your works and how could you choose the perfect tools? With a little help from our expert.

Of course, there’s no quick answer and you must consider a lot of factors: tool size, depth of cutting, required material removal rate, tool life, cycle time – and of course cost.

Carbide has a lot of pros:
• it has a longer tool life and faster cutting data;
• generally, tools have an extreme tolerance to heat that allow higher RPM cutting speed;
• this higher speed cutting reduces the production cycle times;
• the result is a better surface finish.

For all these reasons, usually carbide tools are ideal for either rigid or synchronous CNC machines or for composite materials.

And what about Hard Metal Tools?

They usually have higher resistance so there’s less probability for fracture or chip. This means that usually they are ideal when you’re machining different kind of materials during the same day or if you don’t need high quality finish.

So, as you could see there are a lot of factors to consider and you have to be very careful on your choice: a little error could cause delays and increasing costs.

For this reason, we have a pool of experts ready to help with every need of yours. We usually listen to your needs, understand the type of working and choose the right tool, even if it is a bespoken one.

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