NEWS / 23.02.2023

3 of the best countersink tools for your operations

As we all know, a countersink is a special tool that produces a conical hole matching the angle of the tool you have to ‘insert’. So, the operation must be neat, clean and solid.

The Advantages

PCD Countersinks provide a lot of benefits, especially when you require precision and surface finish:

  • First, it allows the production of a smoother finish on the surface. This will improve the appearance of the final product, but also protect and increase the structural life of the material.
  • Tool life is 15-20 times longer than TCT countersink on CFRP.
  • It prevents exposing harsh edges and “reduce” the sharpness of every angle.

3 Cruing countersink for you

Here in Cruing, we’ve developed a wide range of drill and countersink, with standard solutions that work perfectly for any job and operations. Moreover, our standard countersinks allow you to have a quality tool at the best price possible.

But what are 3 of the best Cruing countersink drills?

  1. Aerodrill 801, our Z2/Z3 PCD countersink with an integral pilot for hand-held drilling of CFRP and hard composite/metallic stack materials. Available for 100° and 130° countersinking and with the customized pilot.
  2. Aerodrill 802 is an extension of the Aerodrill 801 but with an interchangeable pilot so you could choose the pilot you need based on your machining requests.
  3.  Aerodrill 101-V, the Z2+2 PCD One-shot drill & countersink with 2 PCD cutting edges for CNC automated one-shot drilling and countersinking of CFRP and hard composite materials.

Are you ready to choose the best tool for you? Let’s discover it together: download our catalogue here or let’s talk about it at