NEWS / 22.07.2021

5 advantages of working with PCD Cutting Tools

Longer tool life, higher cutting speed and no delamination. These are just three of the main advantages of working with diamond tools, including synthetic diamonds like PCD.

Diamond is your best friends when you are working with hard materials like composite: it is hard and resistant to abrasion.

But, what are the advantages of working with PCD cutting tools?

First of all, PCD is a synthetic diamond produced by high temperature and high pressure. Consequently, it is ideally suited for working certain type of materials like CFRP, GFRP, Aluminium, Thermoplastics, Boron and many others abrasive materials.

Here the main advantages:

  • Longer tool-life, PCD are designed usually to work for months. What does it mean? Less downtimes and more efficient workflow thanks to fewer tool changes and decreased cycle times.
  • Higher speed. PCD guarantees an higher speed performance. This means that tools can operate up to 8-10 times faster than a solid carbide. This enables to finish the work earlier reducing manufacturing cost.
  • No delamination and enhanced surface finish. The PCD tools, especially the Cruing’s customized ones, are particularly designed to avoid delamination at hole entry/exit with low Ra values. This leads to a better surface finish and higher accuracy.
  • Great Versatility. PCD could now be used for working a wide range of materials and for a wide range of industries: from automotive, to aerospace and composites. They are very flexible and could be used to process different materials.
  • Accuracy. PCD are more accurate than solid carbide. This means you can finish more parts in less time, whilst improving accuracy and quality.

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