NEWS / 30.06.2022

3 solutions to win the aerospace challenges

Demanding, hyper-technological, with complicated and evolving production. It’s the aerospace industry that requires new solutions and innovative tools.

So, if you are an aerospace engineer or work in the aerospace industry, here, you’ll find our 3 best tools to win every daily challenge:

  1. With an eye on finishing. Aerospace production need an extreme attention for details and quality. Every tool we develop need to be tested to evaluate the hole quality, the precision of the tools and the level of surface finish.
  2. Diamond are your best friends. PCD Cutting tools are qualified for aerospace operations. The PCDs have an extreme wear resistance so it can cut the hardest material. Moreover, every tool has an extended tool-life and lower delamination.
  3. Precision is key. Working with small components and engine, you need to be super precise. We developed precision coolant system (on request) that hit the exact point you need. But, most of all, we work with you to create YOUR tool, the one that fit perfectly with your request and the outcome you want to obtain.

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