NEWS / 31.05.2021

3 Useful tips for working carbon fiber reducing waste.

Carbon fiber is one of the most widely used and best known composite materials currently in use. It is used in the aerospace, automotive and even naval sectors.

This material guarantees greater flexibility and strength but, at the same time, can lead to waste mainly due to delamination, wear and fiber smearing.

For this reason we asked our experts to give you 3 tips to work the composite in the best way and optimize quality, costs and times:

1. Always use a milling tool that guarantees the best “finish” of the machined surface and minimizes delamination. Our advice is to choose PCD tips that adhere better to the surface, significantly reducing waste. For example, our “Aeromill” solutions are designed to ensure the elimination of any delamination during production. The use of this type of tip allows a better result even in cases where the fiber has different directions;

2. Try to use the entire length of the tool groove (flute length) in order to ‘extend’ the life of the tool. Furthermore, our tips can be “re-profiled” also allowing for an important reduction in costs;

3. Handle the fiber with care, especially during storage. Carbon fibers must be treated with great care and must not be exposed to excessive humidity. The storage of the material can, in fact, negatively affect processing.

The processing of the composite can therefore be very challenging but the right tools will allow you to act without problems.
Cruing offers a wide range of solutions for composite processing, with highly innovative tools, constantly updated and a technical staff available for completely customized solutions.

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