NEWS / 25.07.2022

How to improve safety on your work?

Working with cutting tools and machines could be tricky and unsafe if you don’t take the
necessary precautions to avoid risks and preserve your wellness.
Here in Cruing we’ve done a lot of research to increase the safety of our clients, so here are some
of our tips for a better working life:

  1. Reduce the amount of dust evacuation. Uncontrolled deposition of dust in the air poses a
    risk to workers’ health. Airborne dust is potentially carcinogenic and causes damage to the
    respiratory system.
    For this reason, we developed our Aerotech device that guarantees a high level of safety
    and reliability, improves the working environment thanks to the reduction of dust, and it
    doesn’t require any additional energy consumption.
  2. Control and quality over speed. We are aware that reducing time of your production is an
    important factor of your work. But sometimes it could be dangerous for worker’s health. We
    developed tools that could help you that way, based on quality and perfect surface finishing.
  3. Use certified devices. Certifications are important on our work because it demonstrates
    the quality, efficiency and safety of a device. Using certified tools will protect you and
    reduce risks on your work.

And you, how do you improve your safety on your company?