NEWS / 24.09.2020

Quality control, a matter of style!

Cruing values every step of the production line, especially the quality control phase.

The QC department ensures that every single Cruing cutting tool meets the originally designed technical specifications, according to the ISO 9001 quality standards.
Our quality control booth is located in the centre of our facility and stores the highest precision inspecting and measuring machines currently available on the market for quality checking.
The main controls and actions taking place in the QC department are the following ones:

– inspection with profile projectors to verify that the profiles of customised tools meet the customer’s specifications;
– inspection with universal measuring machines for cutting tools to verify that dimensions and tolerances mirror the design’s specifications. It is such a crucial phase where measuring reaches micron accuracy;
balancing, to guarantee perfect balancing of the tools also at high RPM
– inspection with 3D CMM coordinates measuring machine, to verify the dimensions of special tools;
digital microscope observation to verify the surface finishing and the edge-prep.

When it comes to checking the quality and precision of our tools, the expertise of our staff and the equipment they dispose make a significant difference with competitors.

That is how we guarantee the highest quality throughout the production process and our customers can always be sure that Cruing tools are a synonym for precision and top quality.
Check our You Tube channel and take a quick view at our facility and its great tooling!