NEWS / 29.04.2021

Aerotech: Reduce offcuts and temperatures in machining operations.

The industrial processing of composites and fibres is a precise activity that always requires the use refined machinery and increasingly advanced control measures.

Large quantities of dust and residues are produced during the milling and cutting of composites and fibres and at the same time very high temperatures are reached. This can be a problem for various reasons, both productive and health.

Waste, offcuts and overheating of materials can hamper or disrupt production, clogging machinery or causing cutting errors or even worse damages such as chipping or breakage of cutting edges. In addition, uncontrolled deposition of dust in the air poses a risk to workers’ health. Airborne dust is potentially carcinogenic and causes damage to the respiratory system.

In order to resolve the problem, Cruing Group combines the production of its cutting tools with an industrial plant: the special technology Aerotech®.

Aerotech® combines in a single product the functions of dust evacuation and cooling of material. Aerotech has a solid fan turbine that sucks in air at high velocity at the point of cut, removing hot dust and blowing it out into CNC machine extraction hood. In addiction, by effectively air cooling the maeterial and cutter, Aerotech significantly reduces machining temperatures, allowing the dray cutting of parts.

The elimination of dust allows to decrease the use of compressed air for the cleaning of machines, thus producing energy savings. Moreover, by reducing the maintenance effort, it increases the productivity of the processing lines. Decreasing cutting temperatures allow longer tool life and ensure better surface finishing providing an alternative to machining with coolants.

With Aerotech®, Cruing Group provides a leading technology in the industrial processing of composite materials and fibres. In this way Cruing optimizes the already high performance of its range of cutting tools specific for the Aerospace and Automotive and Wood sectors.