NEWS / 16.10.2020

Sustainability matters: our commitment for the planet.

Global warming is a problem which has gained more and more consideration all over the world in the last few years, although it has been an overlooked problem for a long time. Cruing is engaged in the protection of the planet through many actions respecting the environment.

Cruing is concerned about its impact on the atmosphere and it is working to lower its Co2 emissions by next year. Since 2011 our production plants have been powered by solar energy.
Providing a secure environment and a reliable work process is a core value for Cruing, and combined with sustainable business, we are committed to keep on delivering a highly efficient and clean performance for our employees as well as our customers.

Our commitment is also reflected in our flagship and patented product, the Aerotech System: it considerably reduces the production of dust when cutting wood and allows, through the air-cooled dry cutting of composites, to avoid the use of coolants. It is astonishing that these advantages are achieved with no additional energy consumption.

Plus, Cruing uses recyclable packaging only, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 152/ 06 and pursuant to 94/62/EC. The structural parts are made of wood, plastic and corrugated cardboard, ensuring maximum protection during transport while addressing the significant issues related to disposal.

Cruing also encourages their staff and promotes them to embrace eco-friendly behaviours, because every little act toward the wellbeing of our planet counts.