NEWS / 27.10.2022

Reducing Energy consumption during machining

Global warming, the raising cost for energy, raw material shortage, these are some of the most important challenges the world is facing today. Reducing energy consumption is critical, especially during machining.

But how could you make this happen? How could you really reduce the amount of energy you’ll require for your machine tools? Let’s discover together how Cruing could help you.

One of the most important things to reduce energy consumption is shortening cycle times and choose a long-life tool. These two characteristics are fundamental for energy reduction. But be aware to the performance: sometimes tools with short cycle times have worse finishing than other tools. In Cruing we make tests with our clients to create bespoken tools that have the right balance between finishing and cycle time.

The second advice is to be aware of the stand-by mode: a lot of tests and studies were made to understand how much energy you could save during standby periods. This may vary depending on the operation status or machine type, but from several hundreds to several thousand watts can be saved in total.   

Finally, you should optimize cutting conditions: cutting speed, feed rate, cycle time. You should create the right and optimal condition to increase the quality of your work but – at the same time – reduce the energy consumption. We always work with our clients to research and study these conditions based on the machine and the tool you need.

Let’s try to be sustainable together.
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