NEWS / 25.11.2021

How to obtain the best from PCD cutting tools?

The PCD cutting tools are perfect for working with light materials or abrasive ones. This kind of materials need precision and high cutting quality: two of the main advantages of PCD!

Let’s see together how to get the best from these tools.

PCD stands for Polycrystalline Diamond and is an exceptionally resistant material. Here, unsystematically oriented diamond crystals are bonded with a substratum of tungsten carbide.

For this reason, PCD are so firm and strong.

Here’s three tips to get the best out of your PCD cutting tools:

  • Analyze the requirements of surface finish. Do not ‘jump’ into conclusion, but before buying a PCD cutter it is important to analyze the materials you need to work with and define the finish you want to obtain. This information is crucial for our experts to define the perfect tool;
  • Define the depth of the cut. Every PCD cutting tools is different: there is the one made for harder materials, the one created for deeper cuts and so on. The depth of the cut allows our experts to select the right range or – in case of customized PCD- realize a tool with specific requirements;
  • The importance of re-tipping and re-cutting. When the tool completes its life cycle but the body is intact you should send it to us. We are capable of bring it back to original condition, leading to a reduction of costs and energy.

These are simple and easy tips for PCD cutting tools. Discover more on our website or ask to our experts for more information.