NEWS / 27.01.2023

How to maintain your drilling tools? Let’s discover it together with our experts.

Tools are the core of all machining activities: your drilling tools should enable you to work to the best of your capabilities. For this reason, the maintenance of drilling tools is one of the most important tasks for your company. But how could you maintain your tools “at the best of their quality”? Let’s discover it together.

  1. Check for wear and tear. Drilling could cause vibration, friction, and usually work at high temperatures. This could lead to the breakdown of the tool. After every work we advise you to accurately check for any form of wear or tear to replace the faulty parts or replace the tool;
  2. Clean your machine. Sometimes dust could be everywhere on your machine, especially if it has seals and filters. You should program regular inspections and cleaning (changing filters) to prevent the creation of a vacuum and ensure that your holes are always clean. Sometimes even a re-tipping could be useful to extend the life of your tools;
  3. Take records of every maintenance activity. This is fundamental: first, you should always know what kind of intervention you did, and you should know the ‘history’ of your tool. But most important, these records also protect the safety of your employees, together with preventive intervention on the tools and the machines.

In Cruing we can provide tracking of your maintenance activity through our tool management software. In this way, it is possible to check which tools have been serviced, the number of regrinds performed as well as those still to be performed.

This database supports production, tool and purchase managers in the preparation of their monthly and annual reports. Do you need advice, or do you need a quotation? Let’s talk! Write to and we’ll help you.