NEWS / 18.03.2022

3 Tips to drill a perfect hole.

Drilling seems to be quite a simple operation but, in many cases, it could lead to complex and significant consequences if the “hole” is not right or the tool is not used in the right way.

So, here’s our 3 tips to drill a perfect hole and avoid malfunction on the machine:

  1. Take your Time. You need to spend some time on the initial part of your work. This is the most important part in drilling and you need to consider:
    • the hole diameter, the hole depth, hole quality and hole type. These features could affect your tool choice;
    • the material of your workpiece. You need to understand the hardness of the material or if it’s a chipping material, etc.;
    • the quantity. Usually, if you need a large batch, it’s always better to use an optimised and bespoken tool.
  2. Always define first the type of holes. For every hole there’s a different drilling solution. An example? If you need a micro hole we advise to use high coolant pressure to avoid tool failure;
  3. Bespoken or not bespoken, this is the problem. Sometimes is easier to find a standard solution that could meet your needs, even if it’s the perfect one. Remember that easier could mean less time but not convenient: sometimes standard solution could create problems during drilling operation. So, what could you do? Write us and we will test and find with you the PERFECT solution for your problem.

Now you’re ready for your work. And if you need more information or you want our expert help write to